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Welcome to the Official Of Light, Shadows and Love website. OLSAL, as we affectionately call it, is a story that was created and written by a team of authors on the Roleplay forum of Megatokyo, the immensely popular online comic created by Fred Gallagher. OLSAL is set in the fictional world of Megatokyo, a city loosely based on the Tokyo in which Fred's characters play out their lives. In this place, factions of fanboys and fangirls battle for and interact with their "idols", the characters of Fred's creation.

We have created OLSAL to tell a story, and hopefully, to help us to get to know each other better. OLSAL has always been a labor of love for us, and will always be so. All proceeds from sales of the novels and associated merchandise will go toward helping far-away or financially hindered members of our forums to meet during A-kon 2004 in Dallas, Texas, so that we may all be able to meet the people who have made our lives that much brighter.

Thank you for your support of our project.

The OLSAL writers

September 15, 2003.

New site design. Very many thanks to ACDragonMaster for taking the time!

September 11, 2003.

As per the request of Fred Gallagher, we have made the entire text of OLSAL: Volume 1, available online! HTML pages are up now, just hit the "Story" button. Look for Microsoft Word and possibly Microsoft Reader e-book format in the near future! Books are, of course, still for sale. ^_^

August 29, 2003.

No update in a while. Sorry about that! Anyway, All preorder novels have been shipped. However, we are still taking orders! When we run out of the first printing, we will get more. However, to ensure that we get a sufficient number of orders to make printing them worthwhile, the next shipping date will probably be in mid-October. Thank you for your support!

August 10, 2003.

Otakon was a great success for us. Thank you all for your help and your support of the OLSAL project. For those who preordered, the books will be shipped near the end of this week or beginning of next. OLSAL volume 1 will still be for sale, although the next shipping date is up in the air. It really depends on how many orders we will get in the next few weeks or so. Again, thanks!

Also, the poster size has again changed! 11" X 17"! And, the price hasn't changed! All those who ordered posters will get it at the new, larger size. Enjoy!

July 28, 2003

Otakon draws nigh, folks! Drop by our table in Artist Alley and say hi to our friend "Mahou", who has nobly volunteered to man the place. Posters, Novels and Bookmarks will be available for you to pick up there.

July 18, 2003

Two bits of good news about the poster. We've been informed that we can have it at a larger size, 8.5 X 14. In addition, we're lowering the cost! It's only $2.00 USD now, still with no shipping!

July 16, 2003.

New information and requests. If you are planning on buying OLSAL Volume 1 at Otakon, please preorder through this website. It is the only way you can be assured a copy, as Otakon volumes will be very limited in number. If you are planning on going to Otakon, drop us an email at lightsider@lightsider.com, and we will refund your shipping costs. Thanks!!

July 12, 2003.

OLSAL Volume 1 preorders are now being taken! Also for sale will be 8.5"X11" posters.